Finished One Book, Need Another

Last night, I finished the book I’ve been reading. The one that was taking up all of the time I was supposed to be doing productive things. The one that kept me up later than I wanted to stay up. The one that I couldn’t put down.

It’s a novel called “A Separate Country,” by Robert Hicks. It’s about a Confederate general after the end of the civil war, and how life was for him and his wife. I really liked it and I’m tempted to go out and get another novel by the same author called “The Widow of the South.” Of course, there is already so much I want to read, that one will probably just get put on my “I really want to read this book” list.

My goal is to be able to write books like this. I want to write stories that people are sad to see end. I want to write books that make people want to run out to the store and buy another one. Ironically, the thing that gets in the way is my need to continue to read books like this! It greatly cuts into my time!


About hnardi8

I'm happily married to my best friend, with four beautiful children. I live in the GREAT state of Michigan and love it!
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